We’ve seen a LOT of smiles on the faces of the parents and toddlers at our sessions. Here are a few things parents have said so far about the Wobble and Kick footie sessions:

‘My son loves the ball, and he has a lot of fun seeing others play too. I noticed he liked a lot the last exercise when you throw the ball and we try to make a goal holding the babies. He also loves the songs and when he can seat and see all the babies. Thank you for your attention with him. See you next class!’ Vivian

‘It’s ace, with a good mixture of easy stuff and stuff to challenge and get the hang of over time. It’s really well thought through!’ Sophie

‘We really enjoyed the football. I thought the session was great! A good level of structure I thought. And a good workout for the parents’ Kady

‘We really enjoyed it – but more of a workout for me than I expected but that’s a good thing! Way more fun than most workouts. She enjoyed it too – though a bit reluctant to give up the ball!’ Claire 

‘My son really loves kicking a ball around and, since the class, has been trying to stop the ball by lifting his foot up!’ Louise

‘It was well organised and well structured and was appealing to little ones. As a teacher, i could see you’d planned well and really thought through how to engage the little ones.’ Clare 

‘We loved the trial session, I will definitely come again.’ Sophie

‘The exercises were great, and the other children seemed to engage well with them, and enjoy them which is the main thing really! But hopefully it will encourage co-ordination with the fellow children, and the ball!’ Franki

‘We both enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for the opportunity to join in. It was great fun. Seems like everyone was enjoying themselves!’ Ellie