We have two main fee options: a three week trial for those who haven’t been before and a 10-week term bundle for those who are rejoining.

The Three Week Trial: £30

The reason we do a three week trial is because we believe it is important for children to have time to settle in and we (the coach, the team and you) give them loads of encouragement and welcome them wholeheartedly during this time to give them the best experience.

The three week trial must be done in three consecutive weeks.
You cannot do the three week trial if you have been to one of our sessions before.

FAQ: If you are happy with the trial and want to continue, you just pay the remainder of the term fee, depending on how many sessions you would have left. It is calculated as £8 per session if you join for the rest of the term.

The 10-Week Term Bundle: £85 (or £9 per session pro-rata)

If you would like to really see your child develop in the areas we target (agility, team play, football skills, confidence — including socially, focus and language) you will need to commit to an entire term. We have seen tremendous learning happening over the course of a term and recognise the vast difference in children from the start to the end of the term. It is an excellent investment into your child’s future sports participation!

We have a break during Half Term which will give the children a chance to reenergise for the second half of the term. 


The Spring Term is 10 weeks long
Start of Term: Monday 13 January
End of Term: Saturday 4 April
No Classes During Half Term Break: 17 February and 1 March (two weeks)