At Wobble and Kick toddler football academy, we coach kids from the time they start standing on their feet (even those who need a little help from mummy or daddy) up to four years old.

Why do we teach pre-schoolers and how we KNOW they can learn football skills?

We focus on children under four because we know they are the best learners and scientists and the earlier the better to encourage them to be more agile, inquisitive and active as well as to enjoy sport, learn to solve problems and develop great coordination, physical abilities, awareness, confidence and friendships! And of course, we know from experience that they are SO capable of learning SO much. It is such a charm to watch.

How do we teach preschoolers football?

In order to effectively teach children football we use:

1. Fun, lively songs to hold their attention and improve retention.
2. Structured activities that follow a particular order, e.g. warm up, ice breaker, tricks, skills and skills practise.
3. Puppets and animal characters all through the session (they LOVE these).
4. LOTS of encouragement through high 5s, hugs and cheers from coach, players and parents.
5. Team building exercises to make them feel like an important part of the team and make lasting friendships (for parent and child).

What skills will they learn?

We’ve developed our sessions with six core skills in mind. We don’t only want to help nurture future football and sports stars, we also want to help your child develop in other important ways too.

The six core skills we target are:

1. Agility and Coordination
2. Confidence (Social Skills)
3. Focus
4. Teamwork
5. Language
6. ACTUAL football skills: kicking, stopping, heading, volleying, scoring, running with the ball and football tricks.

Not many toddler football clubs can claim that they teach actual football skills (they usually do mostly agility and running) but we do and we are PROUD of it 🙂

Wobble and Kick mini footballers are so precious! They get so excited when they have a chance to race, score against Mr Lion, sing football-adapted nursery rhymes together and most of all they LOVE to give each other high 5s.

We make sure to high 5 our teammates at the beginning and end of the session and very often during it as well. High 5s are such an excellent way to foster team spirit, teach children the value of team play and are an awesome way to encourage the children along in sport. High 5s are everything to us!

This is something unique about us. There’s proof in our parent reviews and praise.

Your child will truly learn to play as a team, learn ACTUAL football skills, build valuable social skills and feel on top of the world at the end of each session.

Come join in the fun!

N.B. If there is a waiting list for the session you want to join we recommend you join the waiting list as there will most likely be spaces in the sessions later on in the term for you to do a trial or join for the remainder of the term.